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♥ Sunday, March 8, 2009 ♥


we owaz hiao at mcd..
dono y ler..
almost everyday had supper at mcd..
fat le laaa....

let's enjoy some of our zi pai zhao..

~ Leng ~

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♥ Saturday, March 7, 2009 ♥

Home Sweet Home

Home is most sweetest place for us ..

Everyone went home .. Miss their home very much ..

Miss home ..

Miss family ..

Miss Daddy ..

Miss Mommy ..

Miss sister ..

Miss brother ..

Miss the food cooked by Mom ..

Miss the happiness at home ..

Miss my bed , my pillow , my boaster , my blanket and my room ..

Miss everything at home ..

Cherish the moment being with family ..!

HaPPy Holiday!


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♥ ♥

MACDIDI again~~~

guess where r we nw??


We are at MCD nw..

our MACDIDI... Hoho...

we are relatives nw..
almost come here every night...
mana boleh??
gemuk laaaa~~~~

(although we are slim enuf...)
feel guilty when mention bout this... *blush Blush**
as usual..
took some pic..


3 of us...!! LG~~

v Cen Cen.. yuks... act cute wor... *GAO WEI* ..~~ xD

dn bit me pls...
Our cameraman -- Yien Peh was not in the pic...
For any1 who is interest on him...
pls visit


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♥ Monday, March 2, 2009 ♥

Too free

wuuhoo it's 5:30pm d...
ltr 5:45pm i need to meet wid yewping n lingsim...
den 3 of us meet wid yeeleng moiping szeping at guardhouse thr...
normally we have our dinner at 7pm...
but yeeleng them hav class from 4 to 6 today & they lazy to go bak hostel..
so we have our dinner early lor~~~
after dinner will watch basketball match..
got my favourite team "Kyoudai" & yewping's favourite team "Purify"~~~
is yewping's favourite team or team member?
i wonder...
ok i haven combed my hair...
see ya~~~ ^^

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♥ Sunday, March 1, 2009 ♥

Steamboat night..

Ytd was an ordinary sat...
Thx 2 vincen...
we had a special night.. haha...
we had steamboat at his hse..
as usual.. we took lots of pic..


wow... WENDY was cutting tomato.. tomato boy~~

Tomato girl~~ fake 1.. =.=

Lingsim~~ mushroom was cutting mushroom.. =.= dn kill ur fren pls~~~ xD

another Mushroom girl.. hoho..

CArrot girl~~

ho!! caught u!!!! take pic while others were busying...

3 aunty + 1 uncle + 1 ... erm...


Leng lui~~

LEng lui + uncle.. XD

KIss collection :~
YeeLeng - Lingsim

YeeLeng - Moiping

Moiping -Boey

Yu Chuen's new 'target'.. haha ^^
is it true???

Finally.. thx 2 MR Vincen and Miss Boey~~~

~ Leng ~

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♥ ♥


18 Feb~~
our graduation ceremony of foundation...
finally we can wear the "Harry Potter Coat" !!!

here the stage =)

gals~~~ =D

coat team!!

Mr. Choo & Us~~ ^o^

He has been teaching us for 2 semesters in foundation.
A cute~~~ & responsble lecturer~~~
sometimes i wonder is he treat us like his children...
but...he is too kind le la...!!!
always "bullied" by us..
thank you & sorry Sir~!!
And thanks for attending our graduation ceremony~~
love u~~~muacks!! ^w^

me & yi jun~~

y looked like I put all my weight on her... ==

yewping & yau~~hiek hiek...

szeping & yau~~^^

wow~~chili lecturer wid wei jie & vincen ^^

huhu~~~kathlynn lecturer~~~ ^o^

vincen lecturer wid dumb dumb face :P

wendy & lingsim ^^

yu chuen aka kungfu panda

why tis lecturer so childish 1?
act cute o...haiz....

Me & wei jie tebu ^^
Ang, chili & xie you

short short boey & tall tall chili~~

Lastly, I stole 1 photo from jenny's blog ^^
because I cannot post about tis ceremony witout them..


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♥ ♥

BBQ night~~

on 18 of Feb 2009,we organized a BBQ after the graduation ceremony!!!
on tat day we ate,we sang,we dance,we played n took photo...
got fun n lots of memories^^
besides our CFP 9C3 2008,we still joined CFP 9C1 & 9C2 2008~~
tat was quite surprised we could have a gathering like tis...
now start to show some funny photos on the BBQ night lo~~

let's start to prepare lo~~yoyo

use all my energy to clean the stick...zz...
nvm...eat more ltr...wakaka!!!

start BBQ lo~~chicken wings...hotdog...fishball~~
yummy yummy in our tummy tummy~~

lingsim wif the chicken wing~~hehe...

swt...our leng leng ate so many ar...no scare fat meh???
y ur fishball burnt ady?nvm...same wif my fishball....haiz~

extra super leng lui n penguin...n sze ping...hehe
y boey's face like tis??bu shuang??
yew ping wan kiss who???

can see the satisfaction on their faces ady,wakaka~~
see,who eat the most???

sze ping n me^^
no image when eating chicken wing~~

girls power!!!
dun bully girls ar...

=.=' 2 gays???
hug like tis...walao...

yoyo~~look at here!

wow...so cool...
we r cool gang!!!rock it!!!


all leng lui here^^

at last...
thanks our OC~~
tat is W3ndy!!!

y his expression like tis...swt

-moi ping-

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Yours Truly♥

We have known each others since January..
We all are from diff states in Malaysia..

✖bring us 2gether,
✖study 2gether,
✖eat 2gether,
✖share thoughts 2gether,
✖gossip 2gether,
✖ "yamcha" 2gether (aiyo, fat lo),
✖HIAO 2gether,
✖cry 2gether,
✖play 2gether,
✖laugh 2gether,
✖wear spec 2gether.. HAHA.. ^^
We hope our relationship can last forever.. Friends forever!!!!♥♥♥


person loving me

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